Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

May 26, 2007

burrp! is burping...

Burrp! is burping with popularity. Now it’s gaining reputation not only in Mumbai but in other metros as well.

Two new versions have been launched for Bangalore and Kolkata and a few more for Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Goa and Delhi are in pipeline.

They are also expanding the local stuff to books, cinemas, theatres, art galleries etc. And already launched a lifestyle online magzine called blah.

I am sure its soon going to have big fat popularity and business interests.

When an end-user feels that his/her views/choices have been counted, considered important and also published on the site, it usually attracts them to come up with more reviews. And imagine what happens if they get money as well! I was wondering if
  • Burrp! can pay money to the users per review per day basis. They can further think how to implement this logic in order to make it market friendly and acceptable.
Other things may be to:
  1. Improve web site usability

  2. Provide more details about places other than address and phone numbers, like timings, website, emails etc.

  3. Can also provide Google/Yahoo! sort of maps to locate the places.

  4. For Mumbai users, the bus routes can also be provided in order to make it more informative and friendly.

  5. Improve tag system.

  6. Eventually they can also invite the business owners to come up with discounts, special proposals, upcoming events information, books, or to write reviews, or test thier products before launch etc for burrpers! (Don’t know whether it is a good idea).
I am testing the usability and friendliness of the burrp website, will come back soon with my review. See you then.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jitendra,

Thanks for reviewing burrp! and suggesting ways for us to improve our offering even more.

One of the reasons we don't pay money to the users is we want to keep the reviews unbiased and honest. Being a truly community driven site, we believe that whenever a community member contributes it benefits the overall community.

We are continually working on the site usability and take user feedback on it very seriously.

We are also working on increasing the depth and breadth of our content. Soon even the users will be able to improve/correct an existing business listing.

Thanks again for the kind mention. It is feedback like this that keeps us going.

Unknown said...

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