Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

December 25, 2006

Bang - A - Lore

Yesterday I received a forward from my friend which tells some good points about the Silicon Valley - Bangalore. Good things to know about the city, but I have stroked the words where I am not in agreement with, see what it says...

  1. Bangalore has the impeccable record of highest growth within a span of 20 Years.

  2. Bangalore has highest number of pubs in Asia.

  3. Bangalore has highest number of cigarette smokers in India.

  4. Bangalore has the highest number of software companies in India, around 212, followed by Hyderabad - 108, Pune - 97. Hence called the Silicon Valley of India.

  5. Bangalore has 21 engineering colleges, which is highest in the world in a given city. Bangalore University has 57 Engineering colleges affiliated to it, which is highest in the world.

  6. Bangalore is the only city in the world to have commercial and defense Airport operating from the same strip.

  7. Bangalore has highest number of public sectors and government Organizations in India.

  8. Bangalore University has highest number of students going abroad for higher studies taking the first place from IIT-Kanpur.

  9. Bangalore has only 48% of local population (i.e.Kannadigas) .Hence a true cosmopolitan with around 25% Tamilians, 14% Telugites, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans, and 6% a mixture of all races.

  10. Bangalore police has the reputation of being second best in India after Delhi.

  11. Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in India.

  12. Bangalore has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the world.

  13. Bangalore is considered the fashion capital of east comparable to Paris.

  14. Bangalore has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for all sports ahead of even Mumbai & Delhi.

  15. Bangalore has produced the maximum number of scientists considered for Nobel Prize nominations.

  16. Bangalore has produced the highest number of professionals in USA almost 60% of the Indian population abroad is from Bangalore (except Gulf).

  17. Bangalore is famous for THREE: Software Professionals, Girls and Dogs.

  18. Bangalore is famous for its dog bites, an average of 12 people are bitten by stray dogs per MINUTE somewhere in Bangalore!!!
Also, do remember, The Bangalore is now Bangaluru.

December 01, 2006

Adobe Kuler: Explore, Create & Share Colors

Sharing text and fotos are old stories, now you can share colors.

Here comes the first of its kind application from Adobe. Small, Light, Sweet and Flashy – The Adobe Kuler (say it Color) built in Flash and Actionscript 3.0 is a web based application which helps you create color themes for your websites and applications (or your DTP job, or just for fun, or your favorite color combos, or any thing else you can think of).

You can create and save them (If you have Adobe ID), share with other people, or keep them personal. Get inspire from themes of other users, or do something different.

A variety of color models are available to chose colors from, these include the RGB, CMYK and LAB, you can also find the HEX values of colors, so if you are in hurry to find a good color for you web you can get if from here.

Five modes have been provided to produce color themes - Analogous, Monochromatic, Triad, Complementary, Compound, Shades and Custom mode

All the modes have one base color.

In analogous mode, the base color is the center of the other four colors. On the color wheel you define positions of all five colors using their respective pointers, finally drag the base color point to get the color variations.

In Monochromatic mode, all the colors belong to the same hue, what can vary is the intensity.

Use Triad mode to produce themes of contrasting colors.

Top create a theme of opposite colors that complement each other being opposites, use Complementary theme.

In Compound mode, you can select colors from multiple hues.

Create nice shades of a single color using Shades mode.

All of the above modes can be customized using the Custom mode.

You can have 1 to 5 colors in a theme.

The color themes can also be downloaded as .ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files that can be deployed in various Adobe products (up to CS versions but doesn’t work with CS2 products, this may be fixed in the later versions).

I am expecting to see a much more robust application in the upcoming versions.

Thank you Adobe!

System requirements for Kuler:
+ Adobe Flash Player (Win/Mac), (Lin)
+ Web browser
+ High speed internet recommended

Try it here:

Kuler pics:

Give names and tags to your color themes Search themes
My Kuler - Personalised screen The Kuler color wheel