Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

October 16, 2015

Focus on what’s next

A nice reminder from Hiten Shah.
The further you get from your past the smaller and less significant it feels.

It’s like watching an object from the rearview mirror of your car as you accelerate forward. It keeps getting smaller until you can’t see it anymore.

Yet, we let our past prevent us from moving forward. We focus on things beyond our control, things that already happened, things that can’t be changed.

Focus on what’s in your control and how it will move you forward. The more you work towards what’s next, the faster you’ll forget what came before.

If the past crosses your mind and makes you nervous, remember that it’s already nothing more than another memory. It’s done, it was your yesterday and tomorrow is right in front of you. Make tomorrow the best it possibly can be.