Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

May 30, 2013

Tim Parsey quits Yahoo. Why?

Tim Parsey and Marissa Mayer (Photo compiled & edited by Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani)

What concerns me about Yahoo is they never get things right at first time, or if not at first time they are not quick enough to roll out the next, unlike Google.  Meanwhile there are too many entries and exits.

Tim Parsey was Yahoo's Design Chief and was hired last year to inspire a design culture at the company which was being renovated by Marissa Mayer.

May 11, 2013

First sale of my photograph on Getty!

My Getty Images Contributors account statement tells me that one of my photograph on sale was picked up by Amazon Corporation, Washington and hence you have made some money! Glad! and amazing to know it's Amazon!

May 03, 2013

Is the American dream even possible?

American Juxtaposition - Illustration by Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

Came across Rafat Ali's blog post on an excerpt from famous book America and Americans written by John Steinbeck.

The author has beautifully portrayed the brand 'American' and its juxtapositions.

Here is the excerpt from his book.

One of the generalities most often noted about Americans is that we are a restless, a dissatisfied, a searching people. We bridle and buck under failure, and we go mad with dissatisfaction in the face of success. We spend our time searching for security, and hate it when we get it. For the most part we are an intemperate people: we eat too much when we can, drink too much, indulge our senses too much. Even in our so-called virtues we are intemperate: a teetotaler is not content not to drink—he must stop all the drinking in the world; a vegetarian among us would outlaw the eating of meat. We work too hard, and many die under the strain; and then to make up for that we play with a violence as suicidal.