Jitendra Madhav Ramchandani

June 13, 2007

Apple's Safari for Windows

At Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, Steven Jobs, the CEO announced that they will make their Safari web browser available for Windows.

Steve said, the Safari would have double the performance capability of the rival Internet Explorer.

Steven Jobs in the conference

It seems Apple is now more confident of coming out of its backyard and looking for new clients from “Windows” probably through applications like browsers, players (?) etc that run on Windows and have a taste of Apple.

Late but clever business strategy!

They have started with a test version of Safari and I bet there will be many bugs and errors in this test version. It is available to download on Apple’s website.

Here is a list of features mentioned on the Safari page:-

1. Blazing Performance
2. Elegant User Interface (Impressive)
3. Easy Bookmarks
4. Pop-up Blocking
5. Inline Find
6. Tabbed Browsing
7. SnapBack (Good feature)
8. Forms AutoFill
9. Built-in RSS
10. Resizable Text Fields
11. Private Browsing (Good)
12. Security

Windows Safari will also help Apple to generate money from every Google search requested from its browser.

No doubt, they will bite market share of Internet Explorer and will also create worries for the FireFox and Opera browsers. But certainly this all will take time.

The popularity of Safari will also have positive impacts on iPhone. Steve is asking Apple software developers to develop Internet applications based on web standards like xHTML and AJAX for iPhone. The iPhone will have capability to run such applications.

Coming out of the personal computers to the World Wide Web it will provide greater scope to the developers. And with the help of Safari browser these applications could be accessed by any Mac, Windows pc and iPhone devices! And certainly Windows Safari will play an important role.

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